Hard Rock Mining Bureau Contacts

Warren D. McCullough, Bureau Chief    (406) 444-6791

Main Line:  (406) 444-4953   FAX: (406) 444-1499


area code (406)
Operating Permit Section
Op Permit Section Supervisor Herb Rolfes


Reclamation Specialist John Koerth 444-2461
Hydrologist Wayne Jepson 444-0529
Environmental Engineer Charles Freshman 444-2005
Geochemist Garrett Smith 444-1967
Hydrologist John Brown 444-2017
Reclamation Specialist Betsy Hovda 444-4946
Reclamation Specialist Patrick Plantenberg 444-4960
Small Miners & Exploration License Section
Program Manager
East of the Divide
Robert Cronholm 444-4330
Environmental Science Specialist
West of the Divide
Vacant 444-4962
Office Administration
Administrative Assistant  Jean Correia 444-0988
Bond Clerk Holly LaBounta 444-2667