Montana Pole and Treating Plant

The tabs below provide information about the Montana Pole Treating Plant Superfund Site. Included are links to other web sites that have information related to Montana Pole. The purpose of this website is to provide information and news about the Site and related activities.

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Documents & Reports 


Explanation of Significant Differences-Summary February 2020
Draft ESD for Public Comment February 2020

Draft ESD Administrative Record

February 2020
Revised Final Baseline RA 1993
November 2018 Site Update November 2018
October 2018 Site Update October 2018


Fact Sheets

April 2016
October 2014
June 2013
March 2011
April 2010


Dave Bowers

DEQ Project Manager
(406) 444-6335

Allie Archer

EPA Project Manager
(406) 457-5033

Rebecca Harbage

DEQ Public Policy Director, DIR/PUB 
(406) 444-2813

MT Pole Historic MT Pole MT POLE
Former log storage area.
Aerial view of the southern portion of the site.
Land treatment unit.