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Located on the northwest short of Flathead Lake in Somers, Montana, this site was used by Burlington Northern (later renamed BNSF Railway) from 1901 to 1986 to treat railroad ties. Creosote (wood preservative) wastes contaminated soils and groundwater at the 80-acre site. Contaminants of concern include polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds, phenols, and zinc chloride. Following soil and groundwater sampling in the 1980s, the Record of Decision was signed in 1989, and in 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) entered into a Consent Decree with BNSF for design and performance of the selected remedy. Cleanup began in 1993. Soils were excavated and removed to a Land Treatment Unit (LTU) for bioremediation. In 2003, EPA and DEQ certified cleanup of the soils was complete.

Groundwater cleanup began in 1995, and included pumping and treating through a groundwater treatment system (GWTS) as well as in-situ bioremediation. Sampling of the municipal well has shown that no contaminants of concern are present in the municipal water system.

In 2008, the agencies approved the Interim Monitoring Plan and allowed BNSF to temporarily shut down the GWTS. Based on data obtained during the Interim Monitoring Period, the agencies required an additional groundwater investigation to more completely define the nature and extent of groundwater contamination and to assess whether or not the groundwater contaminant plume is stable. The Fourth Five-Year Review for the BN Somers site was completed in 2012.

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 Documents & Reports Name Date
Fall Meeting Powerpoint Presentation September 2012
Final Five Year Review February 2012
Final 2011 Work Plan

September 2011

Vapor Intrusion Investigation Final Work Plan

January 2011

Work Plan Addendum

October 2010

Letter to BNSF re: Final Work Plan

September 2010

Final Work Plan for Additional Data Collection

August 2010

Memo-Review of Interim Groundwater Monitoring Plan

February 2009

Letter to BNSF

March 2009

Annual Report


Five-Year Review FAQs  
Five-Year Review


Five-Year Review Photographs (available through program)


Flathead Beacon Newspaper Article: "BNSF Inquires About Land Purchases Near Superfund Sites"  
Flathead Beacon Newspaper Article: "Environmental Review Process begins for Submerged Somers Bay Logs"  
Explanation of Significant Differences


Explanation of Significant Differences


Concept Review Related to Discontinuing Active Remediation

February 2009

Record of Decision

September 1989

Geo-GIS Recommendations  
Chronology of Events  
Site Description and History  


Fact Sheets Date
Fact Sheet August 2012
Fact Sheet October 2009






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