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Coal Reclamation Video

Coal Reclamation Video

Reclamation in Montana

HELENA – Montana began regulating strip mining in 1971 when the Legislature adopted the Montana Open Cut and Strip Mine Reclamation Act. It said that all lands disturbed by the taking of natural resources shall be reclaimed and the Legislature shall provide procedures and standards for the reclamation. Today, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality works with coal mining companies in Montana to allow for human activity without compromising the environment.

DEQ and the mines work together to bring a problem-solving mentality to the process, say DEQ Coal Program managers. The goal is to take what we have today, and figure out how we can make it better for tomorrow.


Coal Section

Reclamation Photos

Reclamation photos from coal mines in Montana


The Coal Section is responsible for ensuring the reclamation of land affected by surface and underground mining activity and regulation of the development of coal and uranium mines in order to maintain the integrity of the state's natural resources.

These functions include:

  • Prospecting
    • Notice of Intent
    • Prospecting (drilling)
  • Permitting and Compliance
    • Application Review
    • Issuance of Permits
    • Inspection
    • Enforcement
  • Bonding and Bond Release