Brownfield Newsletters and Presentations

Great Falls Brownfields Grantee Workshop 5/6/15
Petroleum BF Eligibility and Flow Process - Flow Process Handout
Petro Fund Requirements and New Legislation
Targeted Brownfields Assessments - Weston Solutions (EPA Start Contractor) 
DNRC RDG Grants - RDG v BF v Petro Fund handout
Legislative Update
Kalispell Brownfields Training for Lenders 9/8/11
VCRA & CALA Programs
Brownfield Grantee Workshop 2/23/10
Brownfields Grants 101
VCRA Introduction
Petroleum Brownfields Eligibility
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Mayors Landing Brownfield Site Before Cleanup
Mayor's Landing Brownfield Site - Livingston, MT Before Cleanup

Mayors Landing Brownfield Site After Cleanup
 Mayor's Landing Brownfield Site - Livingston, MT After Cleanup