The Nez Perce mining district appears to have seen only limited prospecting activity and no mineral production. The district is east of Bison Creek and Interstate 15 in Elk Park, a high open grassy basin on the eastern slope of the Continental Divide just east of Butte. The district appears to have served as a way to separate geographical areas for purposes of filing prospect claims.

The district is within the Boulder batholith. The quartz monzonite of the batholith has been intruded by aplite and pegmatite (Roby et al 1960).


Neither Sahinen (1935) nor Lyden (1948) discuss the Nez Perce district in their overviews of Montana mining districts. Roby et al (1960) is the lone source that even mentions the district, which is discussed along with the Lowland, Beaver Gulch and Elk Park districts. The general discussion states these districts have seen little development or even prospecting. Figure 1 shows the district as described by the AMRB (1994).


No mines in this district appear in historic mining literature, official records, or production figures.


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