The Blacktail Mining District is about 15 miles due south of Dillon. The district has had almost negligible ore production. What little activity occurred centered around the Bluebird mine which shipped a small amount of copper ore in 1923.

The northern part of the district is underlain by sedimentary rocks ranging from Cambrian to Pennsylvanian in age. On the east side are Pre-Cambrian gneisses and schists. On the southern part of the district Tertiary volcanic rocks overlay the area (Sahinen 1935).

In 1934 activity in the district resumed at the Nevada mine. Some rich gold ore was recovered from great drag boulders or fault blocks. Other ore from the mine produced over 8,000 ounces of silver in two years (Geach 1972; Sahinen 1935).


Sahinen (1935) states that the Blacktail district is at the head of Sheep Canyon, a tributary of Blacktail Creek. Figure 1 shows the boundaries of the district as defined by Sahinen. Geach (1972) includes the Blacktail district and the Nevada mine as part of the Ruby district.




Bluebird mine was listed in the Mineral Record Index in 1923 when the property shipped 13 tons of copper ore. The mine is credited with 5 ounces of silver and 1,616 pounds of copper (Geach 1972; Sahinen 1935; WPA 1941).


The Nevada mine is located near the center of section 21, T9S, R8W on the west side of the Blacktail Creek valley. The mine was developed in 1934 and 1935 by C. N. Roberts and son of Dillon. Ore was extracted from several short drifts immediately above a 240 foot adit. In two years the mine produced 567 tons of ore which yielded 7 ounces of gold, 8,214 ounces of silver and 988 pounds of copper (Geach 1972; WPA 1941).


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