aka Mill Creek

The Heber district is located about three miles south of Anaconda on Mill Creek. The stream produced little gold and no production figures are available other than in 1934 when two operators recovered 10 ounces of gold. The only evidence of earlier placering is in Clear Creek which exhibits moderate stream and bench placers. The gold recovered in Clear Creek probably originated in the lodes worked by the Olive May and Spain mines. The most recent production in the Spain was in 1916 (Lyden 1948; Sahinen 1935).

The district, however, did make an important contribution to the mineral development of the area. Water from the area was sent by the 15 mile Anaconda Fluming Company flume to the smelter at Anaconda. Cord wood and mine timbers were cut and milled along Mill Creek and transported to Anaconda and Butte by the "Loop" of the B. A. and P. railroad (GCM Services 1988).

Geologically, the upper Mill Creek area displays rocks from the Belt series covered by volcanics thought to be of Cretaceous age. The area exhibits some thermal features. Lower Mill Creek flows through an area underlain by a large granitic stock (Sahinen 1935).


Sahinen (1935) places the Heber district a few miles south of Anaconda on both upper and lower Mill Creek. Lyden (1948) cites Anaconda Copper Mining Company records as showing the only patented placer mines in the district to be in Sections 21, 22, 23, 26 and 27 T4N, R11W. Figure 1 shows the district as defined by the AMRB (1994) with the placer mining area delineated.


Olive May

The Olive May mine was listed in 1907 in the

Montana Mine Index

(WPA 1941).


The Spain properties which were composed of the Spain and McKinley claims, were owned by the Allen Gold Mining Company when they were described in 1910. From a 200 ft shaft on the Spain claim 1300 ft of underground development exposed a vein carrying gold, silver, and lead. The shaft was served by a steam hoist and compressor. Thirty men were employed extending a 700 ft adit (Walsh and Orem 1910).

The Spain mine was listed with recorded production in 1907 and 1916 in the Montana Mine Index (WPA 1941).


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