The Big Timber Canyon mining district of Sweetgrass County is located north of Big Timber on the southeast slope of the Crazy Mountains. The Crazy mountains are composed mainly of volcanic rocks which are cut by small stocks and innumerable dikes of various types of igneous rocks. In 1935, the district was described as relatively new (Sahinen 1935).

Little placer mining has occurred in the district. Production was reported in 1924 when $64 in gold was recovered and again in 1938 when $315 in gold was recovered. The gold was probably recovered from the Yellowstone River near Big Timber (Lyden 1948).

The Granite Mountain mine reported some production in 1922 and 1923. The only other mine listed for the district was the Stemwinder (Sahinen 1935; WPA 1941).


Historic sources do not list a mining district north of Big Timber. Figure 1 shows the district as defined by the AMRB (1994) for Montana Department of State Lands inventory purposes.


Granite Mountain

The Granite Mountain mine is located northwest of the town of Big Timber on the southeast slope of the Crazy Mountains. In 1922, the mine shipped a test lot of ore that showed 55 percent lead, and 55 ounces of silver with some gold traces (Sahinen 1935).


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