aka Odell Creek

The Monida mining district is bordered on the south by the Continental Divide which also forms the Idaho border in the Centennial Mountain range. The area essentially includes the Red Rock River valley and has seen only limited development, and that in recent years. In 1923 some gold placers were worked on the Paul property. Neither the total production nor exact location of the enterprise was recorded, but the Chase map (1947) places the mine on the shores of Lima Reservoir. Odell Creek has even less information; all that is known is that 9.43 ounces of gold were pulled from Odell Creek near Lakewood in 1935. (Chase 1947; Lyden 1948).

The valley around Monida is filled with unconsolidated sediments of Tertiary age. No deep mines are known to exist in this area (Sahinen 1935).


Sahinen (1935) states that the district is in the vicinity of the town of the same name. However, the only mine mentioned is the Paul property. The Paul Property is to the east of Monida and is listed in the 1923 Mineral Year as a small district under its own name. Figure 1 shows the district as a large area which includes the Red Rock River drainage basin.


Paul Property Placer


Paul Property Placer is listed in an unorganized district in 1923. Some placer gold was shipped from the property in 1923, but no figures are available for the production (Sahinen 1935; WPA 1941).


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