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This district is that portion of the Oro Fino District which lies in Powell County, the primary part of the district is to the south in Deer Lodge County. However, little or no mining occurred north of the county line. For a more complete discussion of the district, see Oro Fino - 48.


No discussion of the Oro Fino district in Powell County appears in any historic mining literature. There is no Oro Fino district shown in any of the AMRB maps in Powell County.


The Montana Bureau of Mines vertical files put the Champion Mine and the Dry Cottonwood placers of the Oro Fino district in Powell County. However, all other sources place these mines in Deer Lodge County. For discussion of Oro Fino mines see the Deer Lodge County discussion of the Oro Fino district.


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Figure 1. The AMRB (1994) map showing the Powell County Oro Fino district.