Jake Creek mining district is located 18 miles southeast of Dillon and has produced some lead ore. One lot of silver ore was shipped in 1923. Although the 38 ton shipment yielded 1,123 ounces of silver, there is no record of any follow up production. This mine may have later become known as the Silver Queen (Sahinen 1935; Wolle 1963; Geach 1972). An ultramafic body intruded into metamorphic rocks in the Jake Creek area. The Jake Creek Property is in an area of gneisses and schists.


Sahinen (1935) describes the district as being 18 miles southeast of Dillon in an area of gneisses and schists. Geach (1972) doesn't recognize a Jake Creek district and places the Silver Queen mine in the Ruby Mountain district. Figure 1 shows the district as defined by Department of State Lands based generally on Sahinen (1935).


Jake Creek

The only mine listed in the Montana Mine Index is the Jake Creek Property. The index lists the mine in 1919 and again in 1923. The 38 ton shipment made in 1923 yielded 1,123 ounces of silver (Geach 1972).

Silver Queen

The Silver Queen is located in the NW1/4 of section 17, T10S, R7W on the south side of Jake Canyon. The mine can be reached from the Jake Canyon road. The property consists of six unpatented claims located in 1904 by Columbus Newton Roberts. The deposit was in a mineralized fault zone in Precambrian metamorphic rocks. The ores contain silver and copper. An adit, reported to be 750 feet long, trends southeast through quartzite to intersect the fault zone. A shipment of 150 tons of float boulders containing native silver were said to have been picked off of the surface. The mine has no record of production, but may well have been known as the Jake Creek property in 1919 and 1923. In 1965 the property was held by Jess Roberts, Frank Actis and Frank White and a new adit was under devel¬opment (Geach 1972).


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