The Seeley mining district is located in the Seeley - Swan valley which lies between the Swan Range on the east and the Mission Range on the west, both of which are great slabs of nearly identical Precambrian sedimentary formations tilted down to the east. During the ice ages, a mass of ice filled the Rocky Mountain Trench and moved south into the Flathead Valley. The northern end of the Mission Range split the glacier; one branch traveled along the northern end of the Swan Valley. Some of the lakes in the valley, such as Holland and Lindbergh, were formed by large glaciers that crept down the valleys out of the mountains and left high moraines around their edges (Alt & Hyndman 1986).

Seeley Lake is named for Jasper B. Seely [sic], who had settled on the lake around 1889 and homesteaded near the mouth of Seeley Creek in 1897. Between 1899 and 1903 he was a ranger on the Lewis & Clark Forest Reserve (Black 1979; Omundson 1961).

The first road into the Seeley Lake area was built about 1895. It ran north to Lion Creek in the Swan Valley. A few settlers started homesteads in the late 1890s in the area, many squatting on land before government surveys were completed (Black 1979). No mineral deposits have been reported in the area.


No discussion of this mining district in the historical literature has been found. Figure 1 shows the district as defined by the AMRB (1994).


No information has been found for individual mines in this district.


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