Dingman (1932) and Lyden (1948) discuss placers located along the west fork of the Madison River in Madison County. Wolle (1963) does not mention the Madison mining district. As defined by the AMRB (1994) the district includes the rugged terrain of the Madison Mountain range.


The Madison district is to the east of both Virginia City and Ennis. The area contains some of the most rugged mountain terrain in Montana. Little or no mineral development has been documented in the historic mining literature. Whether this is due to a lack of mineralization or from problems associated with transportation is not known.


The district serves as a geographic place holder separating more active districts (Figure 1).




Neither Lyden (1948) nor Sahinen (1935) place the district in their overviews of Montana mining. Dingman (1932) however, briefly describes the district as located at the south end of the Gravelly Range, 35 miles southeast of Virginia City.




No mines are discussed in the literature within this area.




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