DEQ works to protect the land from contamination in order to provide Montanans with a clean and healthy state. Our mining and waste permitting programs minimize impacts to the environment. Where contamination is discovered, our remediation programs provide the oversight and support services to conduct effective cleanup activities.

2016 Fuel Tank Autopsy Report

Almost two-thirds of fuel tank releases in Montana are due to human error and poor operations. Most of the product spilled is diesel fuel. Here's a look at DEQ's 2016 Tank Autopsy Report, which is now available:     

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MUST News Addresses Water in Underground Tanks

Water in an underground fuel storage tank can stem from any of several avenues, but it's never a good thing. Corrosion-inducing microorganisms need water to survive and can be difficult to remove. Report any unexplained water in tanks and interstitial spaces to DEQ. Check out this article in the current edition of the MUST News for more information.  

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