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Clark Fork River Operable Unit

MT Pole

Montana Pole and Treating Plant

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Silver Bow Creek/Streamside Tailings

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Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex

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Black Pine Mine

Stimson-Bonner Mill PCB Site 


Welcome to the home page of the Montana Federal Superfund and Construction Bureau. We encourage the public to explore the site.

The tabs below provide a variety of links to information under the Federal Superfund and Construction Bureau. Included are links to other web sites that have information related to Federal Superfund. The purpose of this website is to provide information and news about the Montana Federal Superfund and Construction Bureau sites.

In 1980, the US Congress enacted the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, (CERCLA) 42 U.S.C. sections 9601-9657 in response to the dangers of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. CERCLA was amended in 1986 by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act, (SARA) Public Law No. 99-499 stat. 1613 et seq. There are eighteen Federal Superfund sites in Montana. The Montana DEQ also has 7 sites that the bureau handles that are not on the National Priority list of Federal Superfund sites, including the Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex, the Black Pine Mining Site, and the Stimson-Bonner Mill Site. The goals of the Federal Superfund and Construction Bureau is to:

  • Provide management, technical, and administrative oversight on all aspects of DEQ remedial/removal action (clean-up) projects and sites. Work cooperatively with all other agency partners, local stakeholders, and the public to keep them informed during the process and all steps during the project development, implementation, and follow-up phases.
  • Provide technical and management assistance to EPA for remedial and agency decision actions at NPL (Superfund) sites maintained in the federal-lead (EPA-lead) status. 

The Project Site Index Table is a list of sites that the Federal Superfund and Construction Bureau is currently working on.The first column header name is the Project Site Name. The Short Name field is the common acronym for the site. The third column is a link to the EPA Superfund Cleanup Process information page.  The fourth column is the Site location field. This provides the closest city or town that the site is in or near. The fifth column is the Cerclis/EPA ID number that can be found on the EPA website. The sixth column identifies whether it is a state or EPA lead site. This allows the public to see who is the lead on the site. The link to the EPA Superfund Project website provides more information. The final column is the Project Manager contact information for Montana DEQ Remediation. The Project Manager oversees the work being done alongside the EPA. The second table contains information about the Black Pine Mining Site, the Stimson-Bonner Mill Site, and the Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex, all of which are non-NPL sites but under the Construction

Project Site Name

Short Name

 EPA Superfund Cleanup Process

Site Location

Cerclis/EPA ID

MT DEQ Lead or EPA Lead

Project Manager
ACM Smelter & Refinery NPC ACMSRNPC  CHART Great Falls  MTD093291599  EPA Richard Sloan 
Anaconda Smelter Site
  • Community Soils
  • Old Works
  • Anaconda Regional Water, Waste and Soils
ACSS   CHART   Anaconda    MTD093291656 EPA Joel Chavez
Barker Hughesville Mining District  BHMD CHART  Monarch MT6122307485  EPA   Keith Large
Basin Creek Mine BCM CHART    Basin MTD982572562  DEQ Joel Chavez
Basin Mining Area BMA  CHART  Basin  MTD982572562  EPA  Richard Sloan 
BN Somers BNS  CHART Somers  Non-NPL Site   EPA   Lisa Dewitt
Butte Mine Flooding BMF  CHART  Butte  MTD980502777   EPA  Daryl Reed
Butte Priority Soils BPS CHART  Butte  MTD980502777   EPA  Joe Griffin 
Carpenter-Snow Creek Mining District  CSCMD CHART  Neihart  MT0001096353  EPA   Keith Large
Clark Fork River CRF  CHART Opportunity to Milltown MTD980717565   MT DEQ Brian Bartkowiak 
East Helena Smelter Site EHS CHART East Helena  MTD006230346  EPA  Daryl Reed
Flat Creek IMM Site  FCIMM CHART  Superior  MT0012694970  EPA  Daryl Reed
Frenchtown Mill (Smurfitt Stone)   CHART Missoula Pre-Listing UNDETERMINED Keith Large
Idaho Pole Co. IDPC  CHART  Bozeman MTD006232276 EPA  Lisa Dewitt
Libby Asbestos  LA CHART  Libby  MTD009083840  EPA Carolyn Rutland 
Libby Ground Water Contamination  LGWC CHART  Libby  MTD980502736 EPA  Lisa Dewitt
Lockwood Solvent Groundwater Plume Site LSGWP CHART  Billings MT0007623052 EPA  Richard Sloan 
Milltown Reservoir Sediments  MRS CHART Milltown  MTD980717565 EPA Keith Large 
Montana Pole and Treating  MTPOLE CHART   Butte MTD006230635  MT DEQ Lisa Dewitt 
Mouat Industries  MI CHART  Columbus MTD021997689 EPA  Daryl Reed
Rocker  ROCKER CHART  Rocker MTD980502777   EPA  Daryl Reed
Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area Stream Side Tailings  SST CHART   Butte to Anaconda MTD980502777  MT DEQ Joel Chavez
Upper Tenmile Creek Mining Area  UTCMA CHART Helena, Rimini  MTSFN7578012 EPA  Richard Sloan 
Warm Springs Ponds  WSP CHART   Warm Springs  MTD980502777   EPA  Daryl Reed 

Non-NPL Construction Sites


Project Site Name

Short Name

Site Location






Project Manager
Black Pine Mining Site BPM  Phillipsburg  METG MT DEQ USFS  Devin Clary
Stimson-Bonner Mill PCB Site SBM  Bonner   State Superfund MT DEQ EPA/MT NRD Keith Large
Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex UBMC or Mike Horse Lincoln State Superfund MT DEQ USFS/MT NRD Shellie Haaland


Montana Federal Superfund and Construction Bureau Contacts

    DEQ Remediation Division

    • 1-406-444-6444 (Helena and out of state)
    • 1-406-444-6783 (Fax)
    • 1-800-246-8798 (Superfund Hotline)

    Environmental Protection Agency staff phone numbers

    • 1-406-457-5000
    • 1-406-782-7415 (Butte area only)


Name Title Phone Number (406)
Vacant Bureau Chief 444-6407
Joel Chavez  Program Manager 444-2251
Brian Bartkowiak Project Manager 444-0214
Vacant GIS Database Coordinator  
Katie Garcin Project Manager 444-6429
Lisa Dewitt Project Manager 444-6420
Ben Quinones Project Manager 444-6593
Joe Griffin  Project Manager 560-6060
Tim Reilly  Project Manager 444-6434
Keith Large  Project Manager 444-6569
Daryl Reed Project Manager 444-6433
Carolyn Rutland  Project Manager 444-6442
Richard Sloan Project Manager 444-6454
Devin Clary Project Manager 444-6415
Shellie Haaland Project Manager 444-6476
Jeni Garcin-Flatow Public Information Specialist 444-6469

Physical Location:
1225 Cedar Street, Helena, MT 59601
Mailing Address:
PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901
Phone: (406) 444-6444