Wind Energy Atlas

The Montana Wind Energy Atlas is a comprehensive analysis of wind energy data available as of 1987. Data collected by a variety of public and private organizations at 158 wind monitoring sites around Montana were reviewed. Data from 56 sites are analyzed in the Atlas. Information on the sites and the data collection programs is included.

While more data have been gathered since the Atlas was published, it remains the only publicly available collection of data from numerous sites. These historical data should be useful for preliminary identification of potential sites.

The Atlas is available as Adobe pdf files, scanned from the best available existing copy. The page numbers refer to the pages in the original document.

Wind Energy Atlas Contents

  1. Introduction and summary
  2. Wind monitoring programs in Montana
    • Montana Air Quality Bureau
    • US Environmental Protection Agency
    • Bureau of Reclamation
    • Dept of Natural Resources and Conservation
    • US Dept of Energy
    • Bonneville Power Administration
    • Western Area Power Administration
    • Private Companies
  3. Wind energy potential
  4. Site-by-site analysis: Overview
  5. Power law analyses

Entire report - estimated file size 14MB


The original report was prepared by the staff of GeoResearch, Inc., Billings, directed by Michael Machler, under contract to the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation as part of the Sustainable Energy Assessment (SEA) Project. Paul Cartwright was project manager, and with Bill Phippen, edited the report. Dan Nelson did the layout; Rose-Ann Montgomery and Margie Peterson handled word processing. The update was prepared by Paul Cartwright, with additional data analysis by GeoResearch, Inc.