Montana Geothermal References and Links

There are many references available for technical and general interest in geothermal energy uses. The links and references provided below provide additional information about many of the most current and useful resources. Besides these links, there are Montana Information sources at the MBMG Ground Water Information Center, the USGS statewide database, the U.S.G.S. Geothermal database and information in the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) renewable energy library. Listings of the DEQ library resources are included below.

The U.S. Department of Energy has a useful website for geothermal energy and other renewable energies that provides access to GeoPowering the West geothermal information for the Western States. The Geo-Heat Center is perhaps the most useful and complete site for direct-use and small-scale development of geothermal energy. The Geo-Heat Center is an excellent source of technical information on project designs for low and moderate temperature resources. The Center's website includes an interactive direct-use map, information on co-located resources, and a database on geothermal wells and springs for the western states. There also have downloadable technical papers and bulletin articles on many geothermal applications.

The Geothermal Energy Association has an extensive information and literature for existing and planned power plants. The Association's website includes power plant locations, capacities, cost structures and contact information. The organization also hosts an annual Geothermal Energy trade show that runs in conjunction with the Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting.

The Geothermal Resources Council has a searchable library of articles from a variety of publications on all aspects of geothermal worldwide. This is a bibliographic database contains information on the location, and ordering, of publications. In addition, all the GRC Transactions (Volumes 1-27) and GRC Special Reports (Volumes 1-19) are available to members as downloadable PDF files.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL, offers an in-depth report on the status and future of geothermal electric power as well as a description of geothermal energy program highlights from 1999. For a historical perspective on geothermal energy read, The U.S. Geothermal Industry: Three Decades of Growth. This site also has an excellent database of over 600 pictures of geothermal images.

Several of the Western States have websites for dissemination of geothermal projects, events and resources for their specific areas. The Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory offers an extensive overview of geothermal power. The California Energy Commission has a Geothermal Program to encourage the development and use of geothermal systems. The University of Utah has a Geothermal Energy Brochure “Red Brochure” online for general geothermal information, as well as a GIS geothermal map server. Geothermal information for Nevada can be found at the University of Nevada Reno site and the states division of mineral development.

The Stanford geothermal website is an excellent resource for technical, scientific, and resource engineering studies. The website provides information on the University’s geothermal program, graduate studies and existing publications. This program also hosts an annual geothermal workshop, and the proceedings and upcoming schedules are included on the website. Technical reports can be searched for particular topics and authors of interest.

Montana University System: There are more than 100 listed catalog references to Geothermal within the Montana Public Access resources, see website.

Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Library Resources:

1) Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletins:

  • December 2002 to June 2003

2) General Guidance for Geothermal Energy:

  • Commercial Uses of Geothermal Heat, Special Report; Heat Pump Consortium, DOE
  • Montana State Policies for Geothermal Development;
  • Preliminary Survey of Regulatory Procedures Affecting the Warm Spring Project, Perlmutter, 1978
  • Assessment of Geothermal Resources of the United States, Part 2, Circular 790, 1978
  • Geothermal Guidebook, Montana Policy Review for the Montana Legislature, 1980
  • Geothermal Handbook, C.S. Leffel and R.A. Eisenburg, John Hopkins University
  • Legal and Institutional Framework for Geothermal Resource Development in Montana
  • Montana Geothermal Institutional Handbook, 1980, A users guide of Agency Regulations

3) Regional Interest Geologic and Economic Evaluations:

  • Geothermal Steam Act of 1970 and Regulations on the Leasing of Geothermal Resources
  • Geothermal Direct Use Program Opportunity, Lessons Learned 1978-1998, Idaho National Engineering Lab
  • Classification of Public Lands Valuable for Geothermal Steam; USGS Circular 647
  • Assessment of Low Temperature Geothermal Resources of the United States, 1982, USGS, Circular 892
  • Mine Water Study, Geothermal Database Report, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, 1978
  • Structural Controls of Hot Spring Systems in Southwestern Montana, September 1979, USGS, Open-File Report 79-1333
    Map Showing Formation Temperatures and Configurations of the Top of the Minnelusa and Madison Limestone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USGS Open-File Report 78-905
  • Preliminary Map Showing Location of Known and Active Faults in Montana, Witkind, 1975 USGS, Open-File Report 75-285, 1975, 56 pp, 10 maps
  • Annotated Bibliography of Geothermal Resources in Montana, Montana Bureau Mines Geology, Bulletin 110, 1980, 25 pp, Compiles by S. Ratio, J. Sonderegger
  • Selected Data from Thermal Spring Areas in Southwestern Montana, 1978 USGS, Open-File Report 78-438, 71 PP
  • Geothermal Potential of Madison Group at Shallow Depths, Part 1, 198
  • Study and Preliminary Data of Water in the Madison Limestone, Custer County, Montana USGS, Open-File Report 77-863, 1977 (abstract)
  • Thermal Springs of the United States and World, Waring, 1965, USGS Professional Paper 492.
  • Resistivity and Soil Temperature Studies at Selected Montana Hot Springs; Chadwick, R.A., Galloway,M.J.,Weinheimer, G.J., 1977, Northwest Geology
  • Geophysical Investigations and Thermal Water Circulation at Hunters Hot Springs and Norris Hot Springs, Montana; Chadwick, Weinhammer, Ruse, Boyer, 1978, Northwest Geology v 7, P 26-33.
  • The Marysville Geothermal Area, Blackwell, Energy Resources of Montana, Montana Geological Society
  • Proposal for Feasibility Study: Geothermal Based Ethanol and Agribusiness, Madison County for John Miller, by Appropriate Technology Inc., November 1979, 10 PP
  • Geothermal Use for Ethanol Production Plant, Hot Spring Montana, Jackola Engineering, 1980
  • Geothermal Resource Confirmation, Silver Star, Montana
  • Brief Review of Hydrothermal Commercialization Activities in Montana, June 1979, DOE, EG&G, 30 PP
  • Final Report of Production Well at Camp Aqua, Hot Springs, MT, Jackola Engineering, Sept. 1, 1982