Montana Geothermal Sites: Warm Springs
Summary Information:
AKA: State Hospital Well
Location: N 46.1787
W 112.7942
Nearest town: 10 miles N of Anaconda
Depth: Spring and 1500’ Well
Temperature: 171° F
Flow: 158 gpm
TDS: 1310 mg/L
Site ID:  MGEOT009
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Chemistry (ppm, mg/L)
Temp: 77º C
TDS: 1310
pH: 6.46
Sodium: 120
Potassium: 26
Calcium: 220
Magnesium: 22
Iron: N.A.
Boron: 0.1
SiO2: 56
Sulfate: 670
Chloride: 5.0
Fluoride: 3.9

The Warm Springs Hospital Project completed a 1,500-foot well with pump and space heating system in 1979-1981. The well produced 174° F water, which was used for space heating at the facility. The heating system operated in 1983 with calculated yearly energy savings of approximately $77,000. The well and system is under review to determine the economics of redeveloping the well and space heating system.

Warm Springs geothermal site