Montana Geothermal Sites: Mountain View
Summary Information:
AKA: BIG WEST OIL, School Well
Location: N 48.8397
W 112.0869
Nearest town:  2 Miles NE MTN VIEW SCHOOL
County: TOOLE
Depth: Not Available
Temperature:  114.5° F
Flow:   Not Available
TDS: 483 (mg/L)
Site ID:   MGEOT039
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Chemistry (ppm, mg/L)
Temp: 46º C
TDS: 483
pH: 6.62
Sodium: Not Available
Potassium: NA
Calcium: 32
Magnesium: 37
Iron: 5.72
Boron: NA
SiO2: NA
Sulfate: 190
Chloride: 8
Fluoride: NA

Referenced from State Geothermal Map, Sonderegger & Bergantino, 1981

Mountain View