Montana Geothermal Sites: Chico Hot Springs
Summary Information:
Location: N 45.3370
W 110.6913
Nearest town:  4 miles S of Emigrant
County: Park
Depth: Spring
Temperature: 107° F
Flow:   132 gpm
TDS: 342 (mg/L)
Site ID:   MGEOT040
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Chemistry (ppm, mg/L)
Site name: CHICO
Temp: 42º C
TDS: 342
pH: 7.40
Sodium: 35
Potassium: 6.8
Calcium: 35
Magnesium: 8.9
Boron: 100.00
SiO2: 34.00
Sulfate: 41
Chloride: 10.0
Fluoride: 0.0

Chico Hot Springs has a long and storied history as a hotel, spa, and medical facility. In recognition of this history, Chico was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. Chico Hot Springs has been long used by Native Americans, early miners, and various groups of settlers and recreational visitors. In 1876, the 112-degree (F) water was tapped and piped into a vegetable greenhouse for local residents.  Bill Knowles inherited the property in 1894, ran a boarding house for miners, and in 1900 built a nationally recognized hot springs hotel.  Under Knowles' active promotion guests such as Teddy Roosevelt and Charlie Russell stayed at the springs. In 1974, historically accurate renovations established it as one of Montana's best-preserved examples of an early twentieth century hot springs hotel and health resort.

Chico Hot Springs Resport and Day Spa offers the quintessential Montana experience. Established in 1900 and currently on the National Historic Register, Chico is a year-round destination resort offering lodging, conventions, dining, saloon, gift shop, full day spa, natural hot springs pool, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, dog sledding and cross country skiing. Accommodations range from a historic main lodge to private cabins, chalets, and large log homes. Chico has long been known for its landmark dining room.
Street Address: 1 Old Chico Road, Pray, MT 59065
Phone: 406-333-4933, Toll Free: 800-468-9232

Chico geothermal site