Montana Geothermal Sites: Ashland
Summary Information:
AKA: Mobil Oil F43-3:
API 25087050040000
Location:   N 45.5218
 W 106.2815 (4S 44E 3 CNESE)
Nearest town:  6 miles south of Ashland
County: Rosebud
Depth: 2350 m, 7710 ft
Temperature:   94° C, 137° F
Flow:   Not Available
TDS: 29,000 (mg/L)
Chemistry:    Not Available
Site ID:   Not Available
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Only reference is from Sonderegger and Bergantino, 1981. A well was completed in this area in 1956 per MBOGC files, but no water temperature or chemistry measures are recorded

Ashland geothermal site