Montana Rebuild America Partnership Program


Are you...

Responsible for maintaining commercial, institutional or multi-family facilities?

Planning any building construction, remodeling or HVAC and lighting system/control improvements within the next year?

Interested in reducing operating costs, discomfort and/or ventilation problems?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions,
the Rebuild America Program may be of interest to you.


What is Rebuild America?


Rebuild America is a network of community partnerships - made up of local governments and businesses - that save money by saving energy. These voluntary partnerships, working with the U.S. Department of Energy, choose the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of commercial, government and apartment buildings. Rebuild America supports them with business and technical tools and customized assistance.


What resources does Rebuild America offer?


Rebuild America partnerships have access to a network of national, state, and local energy experts to assist them in their energy efficiency projects, as well as the following resources:

  • Technical Guides

  • Print and Electronic Publications Financial

  • Financial Strategies for Energy Projects

  • National and Regional Workshops

  • Key Program News

We at the Montana Rebuild America Program assist each partnership by listening to their local needs within the guidelines of the program, and then help partners achieve their Rebuild goals.


What are some potential benefits of Rebuild America?


  • Stimulated state and local economic development

  • Jobs generated for Montanans

  • Identified energy cost savings that help leverage funds
    for much needed facility improvements

  • Reduced building operating costs

  • Reduced capital investment risk

  • Reduced pollution

  • Recognition at local, state and national levels


How can I find out more about Rebuild America?

Call the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Clearinghouse at
1-800-DOE-EREC to receive additional information.