Energy Code for New Home Construction

It makes sense to include energy-efficiency features in a house as it is built, rather than renovating later. Key features such as high performance windows, high efficiency heating systems, extra insulation, and proper air sealing are much cheaper and easier to build into a new house than to add to an existing one. And all new homes built in Montana must meet the current energy codes.

Montana homeowners can take advantage of the $500 energy conservation tax credit (per taxpayer) to lower your first costs when you build a home that is above the building code. Saving money on your taxes is nice, but most individuals feel the increased comfort alone is a good reason to build an energy-efficient house. Energy-efficient houses are draft-free, resulting in uniform temperatures throughout all rooms. Lower space heating requirements over the life of the house saves you money each month and protects the homeowner against increases in the cost of energy supplies.

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