Energy Efficiency In Your Business

Building Envelope

  • DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse provides a good overview of why and how to set up an energy program.
  • EnergyStar programs are sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • EnergyIdeas - This site's Q and A on energy questions, on the Solutions page, is good for most topics.  Energy Ideas is sponsored by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and the Washington State University Cooperative Extension Service Energy Program.
  • The Building Commissioning Association is a Pacific Northwest professional association. They don’t have many Montana members yet, but they can tell you about commissioning a building, a process that can tell you how efficiently or inefficiently your building is operating. HVAC systems can be out of balance, or energy controls out of adjustment, but these problems may not be obvious. Commissioning evaluates how well a building’s systems work together, then recommends improvements. Commissioning can reduce energy use, lower repair and replacement costs, and improve air quality, lighting and comfort.
  • Energy analysts, and anybody wanting to compare their usage to national figures, might be interested in the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.
  • News and information pertinent to facility operators and managers is available at FacilitiesNet .
  • Federal agencies can obtain technical and financial assistance from the Federal Energy Management Program. There is very useful information to all government agencies.
  • These sites offer information on performance contracting, one way to evaluate possibilities for energy improvements in buildings and to finance the ones that will save money:


Experts say that proper daylighting can improve employee performance, but improper window design can lead to higher energy bills in warm and cold climates. New window designs should weigh beneficial daylighting with heat control and heat loss. Here are some links to sites that help evaluate window design and energy efficient windows.

Appliances and Light Bulbs

Help on motors and compressed air systems is available from the US Department of Energy's site. These are good places to look for energy savings in large government and school buildings.