Energy Efficiency In Your School

Financial Options

INTERCAP Program – The Board of Investments sells bonds and lends the proceeds to eligible schools and governments for a variety of projects. Loan terms range from one to ten years, and short-term loans to finance cash flow deficits or bridge financing also are available.

UNIVERSAL SYSTEMS BENEFITS FUNDS - Most Montana utilities have long participated in and funded energy efficiency and low income energy assistance activities through their electric and natural gas rates. In the restructuring of Montana’s energy industry, it was decided that continuing such activities was important for Montanans. Therefore, the Montana Legislature established the Universal System Benefits (USB) Charge.

The Montana Power Company and Montana-Dakota Utilities are required to collect USB funds from their customers to fund eligible activities, including energy efficiency programs, low-income energy assistance, and activities to develop renewable energy resources. This regulated charge is listed as "USBC" on your billing statement. Contact your local utility to find out about financial assistance for energy conservation projects.

Energy Performance Contracting

PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING is one way to evaluate possibilities for energy improvements in buildings and to finance the ones that will save money. Here’s how it works:

You enter into an agreement with a private energy service company (ESCO). The ESCO will identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities and then recommend a package of improvements to be paid for through savings. The ESCO will guarantee that savings meet or exceed annual payments to cover all project costs — usually over a contract term of seven to 10 years. If savings don’t materialize, the ESCO pays the difference, not you. To ensure savings, the ESCO offers staff training and long-term maintenance services.

Pre-qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCO)