Montana is at the forefront of our nation’s energy future. Energy efficiency measures benefit our key industries and support jobs building infrastructure for wind, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and renewable fuel projects across the state.

It's Building Season. Does Your New Home Meet or Exceed the Energy Code?

Many new homes are built and inspected within code jurisdictions. But all new homes must meet statewide standards that include insulation levels, heating appliance performance, and testing for air leakage. These codes are for the homeowner's protection. So talk with your builder about energy efficiency and review the Energy Code Checklist for more information.  

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DEQ's Alternative Energy Loan Program

The purpose of DEQ's Alternative Energy Loan Program is to provide a financing option to homeowners, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments to install these types of systems. The most commonly financed systems include: solar panels (photovoltaic and hot water); small wind generators; biomass (wood) heating appliances; and ground-source heat pump systems for space and water heating. The interest rate on loans for 2016 is expected to remain at 3.25 percent.

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