Historical Energy Statistics

These statistics on energy production and consumption were assembled as part of studies DEQ prepared for the Legislature’s Environmental Quality Council. The texts of the reports may be found at Understanding Energy In Montana. These tables contain the most current version of the statistics and may include corrections and updates made after the document was published.

Energy Source Workbooks

There is one Excel workbook for each energy source

  • Natural Gas Tables Workbook - 2015 Update
    • NG1.     Natural Gas Production and Average Wellhead Price, 1960-2015          
    • NG2.     Natural Gas Consumption by Customer Class, 1960-2014 (million cubic feet)
    • NG3.     Average Delivered Natural Gas Prices by Customer Class, 1960-2015          
    • NG4.     Total Number of Customers, Average Natural Gas Consumption and Annual Cost per Consumer by Customer Class, 1980-2014
    • NG5.     Regulated Sales of Natural Gas by Gas Utilities,* 1960-2014 (million cubic feet unless otherwise noted)
    • NG6.     Largest Natural Gas Users in Montana as of 2015


  • Petroleum Tables Workbook - 2015 Update
    • P1.     Average Daily Oil Production per Well and Annual Production by Region
    • P2.     Crude Oil Production and Average Wellhead Prices
    • P3.     Number of Producing Wells by Region and Number of Oil and Gas Wells Completed by Type
    • P4.     Refinery Receipts by Source of Crude Oil
    • P5.     Individual Refinery Receipts by Source of Oil
    • P6.     Petroleum Product Consumption Estimates
    • P7.     Residential Petroleum Product Consumption Estimates
    • P8.     Commercial Petroleum Product Consumption Estimates
    • P9.     Industrial Petroleum Product Consumption Estimates
    • P10.    Transportation Petroleum Product Consumption Estimates
    • P11.    Motor Fuel Use
    • P12a.   Daily Deliveries of Gasoline
    • P12b.   Daily Deliveries of On-Road Diesel
    • P12c.   Daily Deliveries of Off-Road Diesel
    • P12d.   Daily Deliveries of Railroad Diesel
    • P13.    Average Retail Price of Regular Gasoline
    • P14.    Estimated Price of Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel Taxes


  • Electricity Tables Workbook - 2015 Update
    • E1.   Electric Power Generating Capacity by Company and Plant
    • E2.   Net Electric Generation By Plant and Ownership
    • E3.   Average Generation by Company
    • E4.   Annual Consumption of Fuels for Electric Generation
    • E5.   Net Electric Generation by Type of Fuel Unit
    • E6.   Annual Sales of Electricity
    • E7.   Average Annual Prices for Electricity Sold
    • E8.   Utility Revenue, Retail Sales, Consumers, and Average Price


  • Coal Tables Workbook - 2015 Update
    • C1.   Coal Production by State and Coal Rank, 2014
    • C2.   Montana Coal Production and Average Mine Price by Rank
      of Coal, 1960-2014
    • C3.   Coal Production by Company in Montana, 1980-2015
    • C4.   Receipts of Montana Coal at Electric Utility Plants, 1973-2014
    • C5.   Distribution of Montana Coal by Destination, 1991-2014
    • C6.   U.S. Utilities Served by Montana Coal Mines - 2014
    • C7.   Montana Coal Production, Employment and Severance Tax, 1980-2014