Complaint or Spill Reporting

Information obtained from citizen reports is an integral part of the departments investigation of potential violations of Montanas environmental laws. If you observe some activity that may harm the environment or cause a threat to human health, you can report it to the DEQ Enforcement Division for investigation. Enforcement will investigate all legitimate complaints to determine if there is a violation of Montana environmental laws.

You can report information to the Enforcement by calling (406) 444-0379, or by filling out a form below. You can fax the completed form to (406) 444-1923 or mail it to: Montana Department of Environmental Quality Enforcement, Complaint Coordinator, P.O. Box 200901 Helena, Montana 59620-0901, or email the completed form to Rich Jost.

Spill Forms and Instructions
Form Instructions
Complaint/Spill Form (pdf) Download, print, complete and mail or fax to DEQ
Complaint/Spill Form (Word) Complete the Word form template and mail or fax to DEQ

Complaint Business Process Flowchart

You may also call the Division for more information about complaints, spill reporting, the Spill Reporting Policy, or any other enforcement actions.