Director's Office Goals and Objectives

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director's Office carries out the department's mission and statutory responsibilities by administering, managing, planning and evaluating total agency performance.

The director oversees the development of appropriate policies and procedures throughout all organizational units of the agency and makes sure the structure supports optimum efficiency, consistency, and capability for planning, consultation, and decision making.

The Director’s Office includes the director’s staff, and a centralized legal pool. The Public Policy Director for the agency is housed in the Director's Office and oversees staff working to address issues under the Montana Environmental Policy Act and staff working on Montana Facility Siting Act functions. The Enforcement Program is also organized within the Director's Office.

The Centralized Services Division (CSD) is an extension of the Director’s Office and provides the following agency support services: human resources; information technology; fiscal; safety; emergency management; records management; and operations project management.

Goals & Objectives for 2019 Biennium

The goals and objectives for the central management program are to:

  • Increase the efficiency of internal and external department processes to enhance quality, timeliness, and/or volume of work produced.
  • Provide efficient and cost-effective accounting, payroll, budgeting, internal auditing, and contract services for DEQ.
  • Develop and maintain adequate controls to ensure fiscal activities are processed, recorded, and reported according to state and federal statutes and guidance and in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • Promote electronic work solutions to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing paper documents and associated manual processing and records retention.
  • Improve relations with department's customers, including the public and the regulated community.
  • Continually strive to improve service and relationships with internal customers (DEQ Programs) and external customers.
  • Enhance recruitment and retention of department staff.
  • Maintain a work environment that promotes and rewards staff development, innovative thinking, teamwork, business efficiency, and superior customer service.
  • Establish clear, achievable objectives that positively contribute to the organization's strategic business plan.
  • Facilitate an open, honest, and constructive environment for communicating ideas, opinions, and alternatives that support our customer's business goals.
  • Cooperate with others as part of a team by employing collaborative work efforts and producing mutually acceptable outcomes.
  • Develop quality, cost-effective solutions that are appropriate to the customer's business need.