George Mathieus
Interim DEQ Director

The DEQ Director's Office carries out the department's mission and statutory responsibilities by administering, managing, planning and evaluating total agency performance.

George Mathieus was appointed as Interim Acting Director of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality by Governor Steve Bullock in September 2018. He served as the Deputy Director of DEQ since 2015. Prior to that, Mathieus served as Division Administrator of Planning, Prevention, and Assistance and was  Bureau Chief of Water Quality Planning. He began his career with the state in 1993, eventually working as a hydrologist and fisheries program manager in the Missoula offices of the Montana Department of State Lands. In 2002 he moved to Helena where he accepted a position as a water quality planner at DEQ. Mathieus attended the University of Montana School of Forestry, studying chemistry, physics, soils, and limnology (lakes and fresh waterbodies), leading to a forest hydrology emphasis in graduate school. He is a native of Alberton, Montana and served in the U.S. Army from 1988 to 1991.

The director oversees the development of appropriate policies and procedures throughout all organizational units of the agency and makes sure the structure supports optimum efficiency, consistency and capability for planning, consultation and decision-making.

The Director's Office includes the director's staff and a centralized Legal Services Unit. The Financial Services Office is housed under the Centralized Services Division and is an extension of the director's responsibility and ability to provide budgeting, accounting, procurement, and contract management.

The DEQ Enforcement Program is also within the Director's Office. Please consult the Left-Hand Navigation for more information and staff contacts for Enforcement.

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