Goals & Objectives for the 2019 Biennium

  • Conduct effective permit programs designed to issue complete, accurate, environmentally sound, and legally defensible permits within statutory time frames.
  • Ensure that facilities are properly sited, designed, maintained, and operated in compliance with all permit conditions and state laws and rules.
  • Ensure appropriate public involvement through public notice and public participation statutes.
  • Provide pre-application consultation to prospective facility sponsors and, within established statutory time frames, evaluate and process applications.
  • Ensure multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary evaluations of resource plan and monitoring information are appropriately and effectively coordinated with professionals within the Department and within other state, federal, and local agencies.
  • Provide technical and compliance assistance to facilities in order to maintain and enhance compliance.
  • Ensure that facility owners, operators, and the public have access to accurate and timely information on all division issues.
  • Provide training and technical assistance and disseminate information to all local government agencies concerning current program status and any anticipated program changes and to assist local governments with state and federal compliance.
  • Develop, adopt, and implement reasonable and practical administrative rules and procedures as necessary to achieve required regulatory authority.
  • Negotiate agreements with federal agencies that are consistent with state priorities.
  • Obtain and maintain authorization for all program components that have counterparts in a federal program.