PTRCB Codes, Rates and Tasks

 An owner or operator seeking reimbursement for eligible costs shall comply with the Laws regarding reimbursement from the Fund, and procedures established by the Board. Subject to the availability of money from the Fund, an owner or operator who is eligible will be reimbursed by the Board from the Fund for reasonable and eligible costs when the Fund contains sufficient money, indicated by obligation of the work plan.,

In accordance with §75-11-307(6), MCA, if the Fund does not contain sufficient money to pay approved claims for eligible costs, a reimbursement may not be made and the Fund and the Board are not liable for making any reimbursement for the costs at that time. When the Fund has sufficient revenue, eligible costs must be reimbursed in the order in which they are approved by the Board. The Board staff is obligating revenue monthly to the releases which pose the greatest threat to the environment.

The Fund’s current financial condition does not negate the requirement to submit claims for reimbursement in a timely manner. The law states that the owner or operator may not be reimbursed from the Fund for expenses associated with work completed by or on behalf of the owner or operator more than 5 years prior to the owner’s request for reimbursement. This limitation does not apply to claims for compensation paid to third parties for bodily injury or property damage. (§75-11-307(2)(i), MCA)

The maximum reimbursement for preparation of standard corrective action plans and standard reports can be found below.

Reimbursement will be made for eligible costs in accordance with MCA, 75-11-309(3)(a)(ii) and ARM 17.58.342. The task names, duties and rate codes are provided below.


Title Format
Maximum Reimbursable Costs for Corrective Action Plans and Reports
Provided to assist with costs of plans and reports.

Maximum Reimbursable Costs for 2020

Maximum Reimbursable Costs for 2019

Standard Rates              
A list of allowable charges for items such as per diem, mileage, lodging, copies, etc.

Standard Rates for 2020

Standard Rates for 2019

Consultant Labor Duties
Typical duties for personnel
Labor and Equipment Codes
Rate codes for labor and equipment
Standard Corrective Action Task Names
The Board asks that these names be utilized to describe corrective action plan tasks.
Standard Corrective Action Task Names
DEQ Work Plan and Report Templates
A list of DEQ templates for the work plan and report process.
 Templates page