About the Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board

The Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board (PTRCB) is responsible for administering the Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Fund. This includes reimbursement to petroleum storage tank owners and operators for corrective action costs and compensation paid to third parties for bodily injury and property damage resulting from a release of petroleum from an eligible petroleum storage tank.

The Board is attached to the Department of Environmental Quality for administrative purposes. The Board consists of seven (7) members that are appointed by the Governor of Montana. Its membership includes:

  • a representative of the financial or banking industry with experience in small business or property loans;
  • a representative of the petroleum services industry or a representative of the petroleum release remediation consultant industry;
  • a representative of independent petroleum marketers and chain retailers;
  • a representative of the general public;
  • a representative of service station dealers;
  • a representative of the insurance industry;
  • and a person with a background in environmental regulation.

A list of the current Board members is available on the website at: /DEQAdmin/PET/members 

Board members serve a term of membership lasting three (3) years. Members often indicate their willingness to serve another term and frequently get reappointed. The members serve without pay, but are entitled to reimbursement for travel and per diem.

If you are interested in being a Board member visit the Governor’s Boards, Councils & Commissions web page at: Select "Apply" or "Recommend" and obtain a Recommendation for Gubernatorial Appointment application form. Be sure to indicate Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board in the Boards, Councils & Commissions Recommending For text box (top of page 2).