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Driscoll, Paul
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Silica Industries resolves site abandonment and license renewal violations

HELENA -- Silica Industries, LLC, failed to complete reclamation within two years of site abandonment and failed to renew Exploration License #00717 and submit appropriate fees at the Dalys Spur Quarry south of Dillon in Beaverhead County, Montana.


Silica Industries was ordered the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to pay a $14,160 penalty and return to compliance with the Montana Metal Mine Reclamation Act. Return to compliance includes full reclamation in accordance with the DEQ approved reclamation plan included in the Exploration License and submit DEQ Exploration License renewals for the calendar years 2016, 2017, and 2018. The reclamation plan included, but was not limited to, successful solid waste removal, road reclamation, revegetation, and noxious weed control.

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