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Driscoll, Paul
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Homeowners Association settles Public Water Supply violations

Helena --- Godfrey Canyon Estates Homeowners Association (Godfrey) recently agreed to submit a plan that will enable the system to achieve and maintain compliance with the total nitrate Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) as required by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  The settlement resolves violations of the Montana Public Water Supply Laws (PWSL) at the Godfrey Canyon Estates public water supply system in Manhattan, Montana.


According to DEQ’s Michael Rieger, Godfrey exceeded the MCL for total nitrate during the first and fourth Quarter 2016 monitoring periods.  Nitrate can occur naturally in surface and groundwater and is generally harmless; but high levels can be dangerous to health, especially for infants and pregnant women.  High levels of nitrate in well water often result from improper well construction, well location, overuse of chemical fertilizers, or septic systems.


To resolve the matter, DEQ and Godfrey entered into a consent order under which Godfrey has agreed to submit a plan to DEQ that will enable the System to achieve and maintain compliance with the total nitrate MCL.  Godfrey is currently monitoring the system quarterly for nitrates and providing bottled drinking water to all pregnant women and infants under the age of six months that are served by the system.


For questions about the Public Water Supply Program and laws, please contact the Public Water Supply and Subdivisions Bureau at (406) 444-4400 or visit DEQ’s website at: http://deq.mt.gov/

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