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Climate Change & Forestry

Ownership & Management

Nearly two-thirds of Montana’s 23 million acres of forest land is publicly owned. The U.S. Forest Service manages about 11.5 million acres across 10 national forests in Montana, including wilderness areas. The State of Montana and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) each manage about 725,000 acres of forest land in Montana. Non-industrial private forest landowners control about 4.5 million acres with about 675,000 acres managed on Indian Reservations by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

NRIS image, MT Climax Vegetation

For a more complete breakdown of ownership and management patterns by county, touch on the following link: Land ownership, in acres, of each Montana County. The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks also offers a breakdown of mountain forest ecology at the site: Montane Forest Ecotype.

Private landowners in Montana have a resource at hand to enhance and build forest resources on their properties. The following link accesses a site to learn more about the forest legacy program. This program offers landowners a tool to conserve and maintain forest resources and habitats.