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Air Quality Conditions

Metcalf Building
Helena, Montana

Note: This photo refreshes every 5 minutes. Occasionally someone will be driving the camera.
It will return to the Sleeping Giant position
every 15 minutes.

DEQ WebCam Image

Comparison images:
Hazy conditions
Hazy conditions
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clear conditions
Clear...good air quality conditions 

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Camera span
Camera span 
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The Montana Department of Environmental Quality's (DEQ) web cam faces north towards the "Sleeping Giant" mountain, a well-known local landmark. The cam is located at DEQ headquarters and operates during daylight hours. It is used primarily as an indicator of air quality conditions. The Giant is 22 miles north of the camera and can be seen when the air quality in the Helena Valley is good to excellent. The dark band of trees in front of the Sleeping Giant are on the "North Hills" 12 miles away. As long as the "North Hills" are visible, the air quality in the valley is good. When they cannot be seen, the air quality is moderate.