New Facilities

Minor Sources

Sources that do not qualify under our registration program may require a Montana Air Quality Permit. Information about this process is described below.

If you have questions, please call 406-444-3490

Any source with the potential to emit regulated pollutants above the following threshold levels is required to submit an application:

  • Any source emitting more than 5 ton/year of lead (Pb) or 25 tons/year or any other pollutant; OR
  • An asphalt concrete plant, mineral crusher or mineral screen emitting more than 15 tons/year of any pollutant; OR
  • An incinerator of any kind

You must apply for, and receive an MAQP prior to construction of a facility or modification at an existing facility.

  1. Complete the appropriate application form for either a stationary or portable source.
    • Stationary Source Permit Application (Stationary source is defined as: any building, structure, equipment, or facility, including, but not limited to, factories, refineries, boilers or power plant).
    • Portable Source Permit Application (Portable source is defined as: a source which can be relocated to another operating site, for example moveable sand and gravel processing operations and asphalt plants. OR A facility that has the ability to move the emitting units from site to site).
    • Send each completed application to:
  2. As part of the permit application, a public notice must be posted in a newspaper of local circulation. An affidavit of this notice must be provided as part of the application.
  3. Submit appropriate fee.

The cost of an MAQP depends on the source type. Find the appropriate application fee here.

75 to 90 days upon complete application. The timeline for the 75 day process is shown here. The timeline for the 90 day process is shown here.

MAQPs do not expire. For changes to a facility with an existing MAQP, see the Existing Facility page.