Public Notices - Air Quality Permits

The Air Compliance Program is responsible for administering those portions of the Clean Air Act (CAA) of Montana (Section 75-2-101 et seq., MCA) and companion regulations pertaining to compliance of air emissions from various types of facilities including delegated federal regulations.

Public Notices

Notes: For recent final permits, click the link above. For permits before 2010 please see the Data Search Tools.

The below list includes:

  • Montana Air Quality Permits (MAQPs)
  • Title V Operating Permits (OPs)

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PermitNumber Facility/Permit Facility Description/Source Time Frame Site Location  
OP2428-15 TRD2428-15 NorthWestern Energy – Mainline #1 Natural Gas Liquids Production, Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Appeal Period Ends February 18, 2021

S ½ of Section 22, Township 33 North, Range 5 West, Silver Bow County

Julie Ackerlund
OP0691-08 TRD0691-08 MDU - Lewis and Clark Station Electrical Generating Unit Public Comment Period Ends February 15, 2020 Southwest ¼, Section 9, Township 22 North, Range 59 East, Richland County Craig Henrikson
2619-40 Phillips 66 Company Billings Petroleum Refinery Public Comment Period Ends February 1, 2020 NW¼ of Section 2, Township 1 South, Range 26 East, in Yellowstone County Shawn Juers
OP1628-07 TRD1628-07 WBI Energy Transmission, Inc. Hathaway Compressor Station Appeal Period Ends February 16, 2021 NE¼ of the SE¼, Section 34 of Township 7 North, Range 45 East, Custer County Julie Ackerlund
1551-07 Montana-Dakota Utilities, Inc. – Glendive Generating Station Power Generating Unit Appeal Period Ends February 1, 2021 SE¼ and Lot 4 of Section 15, Township 15 North, Range 55 East, Dawson County John Proulx
3086-02 Barretts Minerals Inc. – Regal Mine Talc Mine Appeal Period Ends January 27, 2021 Section 35, Township 7 South, Range 7 West, Madison County Julie Ackerlund
2843-05 East Butte Gathering System, LLC - North Dunkirk Compression Facility Natural gas compressor station Appeal Period Ends January 27, 2021 SE¼ of the SE¼ of Section 35, Township 33 North, Range 1 West, in Toole County Ed Warner
OP0513-17 TRD0513-17 Talen Montana, LLC Electric generating facility Appeal Period Ends February 3, 2021 Section 2, Township 2 North, Range 41 East, Rosebud County Ed Warner
1993-21 American Chemet Corporation East Helena facility Appeal Period Ends January 15, 2021 Northeast ¼ of Section 36, Township 10 North, Range 3 West, Lewis and Clark County Craig Henrikson
2619-39 Phillips 66 Company Billings Petroleum Refinery Appeal Period Ends January 20, 2021 NW ¼ of Section 2, Township 1 South, Range 26 East, in Yellowstone County Shawn Juers