Citizens' Guide to Air Quality in Montana

Montana and an industrial facility

Note:  The Citizens' Guide was published by DEQ in hardcopy form and made available via the Internet in 2000.  Contact information has not been updated and has probably changed.  Please contact the Energy and Air Bureau at the email address or telephone number below if you have questions.  Thank you.

The Energy and Air Bureau is pleased to provide you Internet access to our Citizens' Guide to Air Quality in Montana publication.  Produced by a team of department staff, the guide is our first publication dealing with Montana air quality issues and trends that is intended for the general public and concerned citizens.  The guide was designed not only to inform and educate, but also to raise the interest of Montanans in the care and maintenance of our fresh "Big Sky" air.

We hope you enjoy reading the document and will tell others of its existence.  To receive hard copies of the guide, contact Air Quality Monitoring by e-mail or by phone (406) 444-7889.

Your feedback on the content and format of this document would be greatly appreciated and very helpful to us in improving future publications.  Thank you for your time and interest.