In Montana we're proud of our big sky and clean air. We protect our air quality through monitoring, permitting, and compliance assistance. Our year-round monitoring and wildfire smoke updates help people make informed decisions about outdoor activities. Citizens can rely on us to improve and preserve Montana's air quality now and for the future.

Two Data Research Tools Added in Air Quality

Two new research tools allow users to better access information about air quality in Montana. Both can be accessed at: The first allows the public to search for information about specific permit holders, by location, type of facility, and other characteristics. The second tool enables researchers and others to see up to 30 days of outdoor air quality data from any of DEQ's 22 air monitoring stations. By selecting a time period, users can retrieve data for pollutant concentrations, weather conditions, and other parameters.

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Today's Air Website has Changed

The new Today's Air website uses a more accurate and understandable approach for assessing air quality and resulting health effects messaging to the public in order to make the most informed decisions possible when planning activities.

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Winter Burning Season Continues Until March 1

From December 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018, open burning is closed in the Western Montana Burn Zone, unless specific permission is obtained from DEQ. We provide several ways for people to check air quality and guide their outdoor activities here.

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